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We help blockchain projects unlock growth through full funnel growth hacking and influencer marketing. We are highly allergic to marketing fluff and agency waste. If you’re looking for a traditional marketing agency, you’ve come to the wrong place.


Trusted Growth Partner & Incubator for projects since 2017.


Influencers Power

Proud to be connected with networks of influencers, supporting the long term growth and cover promotional content for every project.


Marketing Campagins

Holding campaigns and establishing strategic partnerships to attract organic audience and investors.


Projects Supported

Kickstarting and providing countless opportunities for the short and long term growth of the project.


Structured to unlock growth.

Jayden Antonio

Strategic Advisor

Co-Founder of Konomi Network. 8 years entrepreneur experience in Tech startups, also Founder of multiple tech startups including Mileslife Singapore and Wecharge.

Joseph Young

Technical Advisor

A long-time analyst and investor in the blockchain market since 2013. Worked with leading publications in both blockchain and finance for over eight years. Co-founded Linkpad, a DeFi-focused fund, and is actively angel investing into DeFi projects.

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